My screenplay "Darkness Awaits", directed by Bavarian Film Award Winner Robert Sigl and starring Asian Oscar nominated Bai Ling, multi award winner Ciro Dipagio, and veteran actor Robert Lasardo, is in pre-production:





I'm also a producer on "The Magnificent Raiders of Dimension War One", an exciting new feature and series starring Tom Sizemore, Ciro Dipagio, Daniel Baldwin, and Bai Ling. I also produced the film "American Guys", a new thriller feature, and three short films.  The short films are airing internationally on Shorts TV.                         Accolades: 

Finalist - Stage 32 Feature Contest 
Semifinalist - Search For New Blood Screenplay Contest
Semifinalist - Finish Line Script Competition

Winner - "Best Animation" Out Of The Can Film Festival  
Nominated "Best Short Film" British Horror Film Festival, Winner "Best Horror Comedy" Oregon Scream Fest, Nominated "Best Actor" Nightmares Film Festival, Selected -Telluride Horror Show, Nominated "Best Director" Austin After Dark Film Festival

Short Comedy Film - Nominated "Best Short Film" British Independent Film Festival, Nominated "Best Actress", Portland Comedy Film Festival, Nominated "Best International Film" Austin After Dark Film Festival
Categorical Winner - Filmmatic Screenplay Awards 
Winner - Honorable Mention - Los Angeles Movie Awards 
Winner - Top 3 Finalist - Film Empire Rising Writers
Finalist - Top 4 scripts - Los Angeles Movie Awards  
Finalist - Top 10 thriller screenplays - Filmmatic Screenplay Awards  
Finalist - Nominated- "Best Breakout" screenplay - Oaxaca FilmFest  
Winner - Hot 100 - Capital Fund Screenplay Competition 
Winner - Top 100 - ISA Emerging Screenwriters Contest
Selected - Beverly Hills Film Festival  
Quarterfinalist - Finish Line Screenplay Competition 
Quarterfinalist - Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition
Winner - Top 100 - ISA Emerging Screenwriters Contest
Quarterfinalist - NexTV Competition 
Semifinalist - Top 30 scripts - Creative World Awards
Quarterfinalist - Story Pros  
Quarterfinalist - Top 10% scripts - Page Awards 
Quarterfinalist - Top 50 scripts - Stage 32 Feature Contest 
Scriptapalooza - Semifinalist - Top 100 scripts
Fade In Awards - Quarterfinalist
Creative World Awards - Quarterfinalist
Page Awards - Quarterfinalist
Creative World Awards - Quarterfinalist 
A Film Writer Contest - Winner - Honorable Mention 
Grand Finale' Selection - American Guys
NYIIFF - Winner - Distinguished Filmmaking Award

CHRISTOPHER BLACKWELL is a represented award winning screenwriter and producer, including executive producing a new thriller feature and three short films. His new script Precinct was recently recognized in fourteen prestigious festivals.  The screenplay is a categorical winner in the Filmmatic Screenplay Awards and a top three winner in the Film Empire Rising Writers Contest. The script won Honorable Mention in the Los Angeles Movie Awards Festival where it's also finalist. He also wrote the thriller Darkness Awaits which is a finalist in the renowned Stage 32 Feature Script Contest, and a semifinalist in the renowned Search For New Blood Screenplay Contest and Finish Line Script Competition. Some of his other scripts are Flies, Intrusion, Conman, California Nights, Justice System, Dollmaker, Polarity, Bachelor House, Big Island, Star Travelers, and he also directed the comedy film American Guys. His most recent film, a thriller filmed in Los Angeles, is in post production. 

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