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Darkness Awaits

Producers: Noel Ashman,Christopher Blackwell,Robert Kravitz, Hope Perelman, Will Rockefeller.

Screenwriter: Christopher Blackwell

Genre: Action Thriller 


After a woman has an emotional breakdown following the death of her son, her husband takes them on a trip to their new home in the mountains. However, the area turns out to be much more hostile and full of secrets than they anticipated.  

On a quiet winter evening in the peaceful outback of Washington State, Dr. Donnie Conrad encounters a horrifying evil plot.  Subtly, inhumanly, a mysterious group is abductiong and brainwashing highway travelers. Now he and the woman he loves are in fatal jeopardy.  Their hope for moving themselves to a new destination in the country is put to the ultimate game of survival.  Forced to find a way out of the radius that's been overtaken by the maniacs they go deeper into the jungle of the lost humans gone mad with the lust for more money and power.  A taut unique thriller with a Twilight Zone twist. This story is filled with topical relevant substance, complex dynamic characters, and keeps us on the edge of our seats.

Producers:Jason Burke Sutter, Thomas Sjolund, Christopher Blackwell 

Director: David Winning

Screenwriter: Christopher Blackwell

Genre: Action/Thriller

When a mysterious sniper terrorizes the city, lonely Detective Jesh Peterson becomes - the hunter being hunted. 

The figure, hidden in the shadows of a Manhattan skyscraper crouched in darkness, holds a mounted rifle scope close to his face.  Scoping out the unaware and vulnerable pedestrians on the street way down below walking in the cold weather, he held his breath and placed his finger on the trigger.  The citizens could not sleep at night with the terrorizing maniac on the loose until NYPD Detective Jesh Peterson took the case.  Jesh was a one man posse.  An outsider within the bustling precinct with a job to do and a case to solve.  With assorted, controversial suspects, no one, not even the ruthless psychopath was going to get in Jesh's way of finding the killer.

In the opening Jesh is a lonely detective who un-expectingly meets the love of his life, Amber, on a cold winter night.  After he walks Amber home he's shot at by a sniper but his neighbor is killed.  Jesh is paired with another detective named Steven to solve the case.  As Amber and Jesh fall in love and Steven and Jesh's friendship grows the killings continue.  This leads us to a shocking climax where Jesh is given the impossible choice

and must lay his life on the line for another human being. 

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