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A man is covertly framed by a stray burglar secretly living in the attic and is forced to win back his life, especially his fiance’.


“California Nights” tells the story of a young man who once had a shot as a professional baseball player, in which circumstances beyond his control caused him to drop out.  Fearful of losing things, compulsive love phobic Alex Smith is soon thrown to the sharks by his single-bound girlfriend Heather and bachelor roommates.  He’ wanders aimlessly through life toying with the idea that he’s a failure.  His anxiety grows after a stray burglar named Ed breaks in his house and secretly lives in the attic.  The garish crook keeps the tension alive by playing a sneaky series of capers and framing Alex.




"Bachelor House" chronicles the inner conflict of Alex Smith, a newlywed husband and father adjusting to his new family. Yet he longs for the freedom and frolic of his glory days with his cumbersome friends. His neurotic tendencies cause him to bounce back and forth between his life with Heather and his past. The joy and growing pains of adulthood become a comedy of errors.


Pilot Episode:

Alex, an ex-baseball player, is framed for a robbery. Everyone he cares about turns on him. Meanwhile, the mysterious crook dwells like a mouse in his attic and sets him up for disaster. The more Alex tries the more the chaos builds. He soon finds himself in a more harrowing yet comical situation where everything that could go wrong does. Alex is locked out of his bachelor house, forced to live in his car, and let go by his girlfriend Heather.  Alex must save his reputation and win back the love of his life so that he can fulfill his dream to start a family. 

Episode Two- Hugo the Parrot:

Alex inherits a parrot from a long lost uncle. The will states that he must take care of the bird for life in order to receive his cash award. The talking bird drives him nuts by arguing with him, eating his food, and tearing up Heather's things. 

Episode Three - Fix it up:

Alex and Stanford start a remodeling business.  Their first job is to fix the pipes in a mansion. Their ignorance leads to a catastrophe of water works. 

Episode Four - Electric Alex:

Alex's electric shaver shocks him when it hits water in the sink. Soon, he finds himself shocking anyone he touches. His body starts to glow in the dark. Heather, Christie, Stanford, and Nathan must convince him to go to a doctor but Alex is terrified of hospitals. 

Episode Five - Alex's Eight Minutes Of Fame:

Alex inherits a piano from his deceased  uncle and decides to take up piano lessons to impress Heather.  He writes a sappy love ballad for her.  Every night he practices the song over and over.  The guys grow to hate hearing it every night and lock up his piano, until he only plays when he's home alone. Then they hear his bad song on the radio.  "Go Away" is a radio cult hit and dedicated to his roommates.


Episode Six - Stanford's Invention:

Stanford switches his major to chemistry and invents a potion that causes super strength.  He tests it on Nathan and the results are the equivalent of a bull in a China closet.  

Episode Seven - He's Not for You:

Christie goes on a date with a successful businessman. Stanford finds out he's no good and sabotages her evening to protect her. After a series of events, the date leaves. Christie and Stanford go on their first date. 


Episode Eight - Go Ask Alex:

While coaching baseball, Alex gets hit in the head by a fly ball. It struck a nerve that causes him to be psychic. He now has super human powers and can read minds. The doctors try to convince Alex to become a study. 


Episode Nine - Lips My Love:

Stanford's big goldfish "Lips" dies.  It's a real tragedy for him.  The guys buy him a new one, but it's just not the same. "I've had lips since I was eighteen years old." exclaims Stanford.  Nathan tries to tell Stanford  "Some goldfish don't even live the ride home."  Stanford must deal with a very human fate.  Something we all have to live with,  losing something you love.  In the end the ghost of Lips appears in Stanford's room for a very spiritual and comical conversation.  Alex walks in with his bags because after a heated debate with Heather, she decides Alex should go back with the guys until they get married. Christie moves back in with her.

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