FLIES by Christopher Blackwell


When deadly flies overtake a city, a woman and man’s quest for answers turns into a fight for survival.


After the sudden appearance of horrific flies, Doctor Julie Donnor notices many people are complaining of mysterious painful symptoms. When Julie and her paramedic friend Travis seek to find out what is causing these illnesses, they are given the runaround by doctors and CDC reps who deny everything. As the flies increase in numbers Julie and Travis become more open minded about a conspiracy and they have now experienced the loss of Julie’s boyfriend Mark after he was bit by one of the flies.  After Julie goes undercover and visits the monitored facility where the victims are being quarantined she convinces Travis that everyone is in grave danger and they must escape the city. But in the shocking climax who can they trust who hasn’t already been infected.  

2016 Christopher Blackwell Wix.com

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